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Make it a Getaway

Boone Hall Photo

It’s said that people first visit Charleston, South Carolina to experience its rich heritage. No question, this Grand Dame deserves the motto “where history lives.” Spanning more than three centuries, the city’s history lives in the swaying palmettos and towering mansions along Battery Row. It lives in the grand antebellum plantations and the circa-1800 City Market, one of the nation’s oldest. But history alone is not why visitors flock to the Charleston area year after year. The city is an artists’ enclave, boasting around 70 galleries. It’s a family destination, bursting with beaches and kid-friendly attractions. And it’s a foodie fascinator, attracting gastronomes to sample farm-to-fork Lowcountry cuisine. As the Southern saying goes, Charleston is a “pat of butter in a sea of grits”—but these are special heirloom grits, topped with succulent Carolina shrimp. And we guarantee you can’t get enough!

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Charleston Photo