Preventive Medicine 2020
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Preventive Medicine 2020

Realize Blue Sky Thinking

We’re excited to invite you to Preventive Medicine 2020!

Preventive Medicine 2020 will focus on big, bold, upstream ideas and the people, places, and programs that are making them a reality today. Transformation is only possible with a clear vision, audacious goals, an innovative mindset, and the will to implement new policy and practice, honestly evaluate change, and engage stakeholders at every level.

At Preventive Medicine 2020 we will highlight the work and conversations that are transforming the healthcare system, whether it’s taking place in the clinic, the classroom, the boardroom, or the chambers of government.

Leave your limitations at home and explore the furthest frontier of healthcare and the upper bounds of the power of prevention. Join us in Denver and “Realize Blue Sky Thinking.”
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Meet the Speakers

Leo Kärkkäinen Photo

Leo Kärkkäinen

Bell Labs Fellow, Research Group Leader

Bell Labs, Nokia

Soledad O'Brien Photo

Soledad O'Brien

Journalist, Documentarian, and Host of Matter of Fact with Soledad O’Brien

J. Marc Overhage Photo

J. Marc Overhage

Vice President, Population Health Intelligence Strategy


Kyu Rhee Photo

Kyu Rhee

Vice President and Chief Health Officer

IBM Watson Health

Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH Photo

Eduardo Sanchez, MD, MPH

Chief Medical Officer for Prevention

American Heart Association

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